Sunday, 4 November 2012

Colour Challenge 44 - Charcoal

Missing the Halloween colour post by a week, I had it done in time but then I caught my son's cold and I've been pretty ill and not online much. Didn't get to do much for Halloween itself either though I have extended the rent on my old parcel for a week to enjoy the decorations I put up - I moved mid-October and decorated my castle, but still had back-rent on the previous location so it was a good opportunity to indulge my macabre side!

I could only think of one grey outfit for this colour, but while I was looking through accessories and wondering what kind of avatar I should make, I found a lot of spider hair in the CAHH hunt folders and that inspired me. My Spider Woman avatar is one of my stock-in-trade golden-oldies but I knew I hadn't brought her out for this challenge yet - so what more appropriate time than Halloween? I was joined by the lovely Katlien just in time to assist with the photoshoot and storyline, so I bring you:

Little Miss Muffet ^^o;;o^^ A Seasonal Tale

Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet
Eating some curds and whey
Along came a spider
Who sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away!

I suppose the moral of this story is, don't sit down to eat your lunch in a spooky, spider infested greenhouse? Especially not when you are a maid, and spiders have good cause for revenge for all the webs you have dusted away! 

I suggested the spider could have had the curds hurled in her face instead but Katlien didn't want to be so rude. Incidentally I know she's sitting on a bench, not a tuffet; which for those who don't know, is another name for a pouffe or hassock - a low, padded stool with no (visible) feet.

^^o;;o^^ Credits ^^o;;o^^

Location: Angelic Designs Halloween Market (now over) @ Implings Victorian Mansion greenhouse (available for purchase)

Grendels Children Dark Arak avatar
and spider shoulder pet 
Bare@Rose Tartan DarkIce outfit
Gala skin ~ Halloween Widow
Saturnine Dreams spider eyes ~ charcoal
DarkerSide Spider Attack hair from CAHH2 (tinted)
Schadenfreude Widowed Fey ears
Schadenfreude Arachnophobia I ring
OpenCollar spider collar
ni.ju tintable claws
Xcite fangs


  1. Such a pretty set of pictures, the spider that I would never wanna see smushed. I HATE Spiders but I can handle you looking like this hehe... It puts a whole new meaning to the Incy Wincy Spider nursery rhyme... that would have to be one HUGE drainpipe! Luckily Katlien seems to be the kind of person who wouldn't squish the spider either, I mean this could have been a totally different set of photos if she did lol!!!!

  2. How to turn a nursery rhyme into a spooky tale!! Very clever!

  3. Good thing I'm usually very spider friendly, so I would be safe right? Well okay maybe not THAT spider friendly, just very lazy when it comes to cleaning away the cobwebs ;)