Sunday, 18 November 2012

Resting Place Prize Gallery

I told you last week about the Sn@tch-Pulse-Nomine etc. horror game, the 'Resting Place', which incidentally is still going until the end of today so if you haven't yet been, NOW IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! 

Rudh and I made out with over 50 prizes (and we didn't find all of them!) but although I was assiduous in my hunt for swag, I have to say I was really there to soak up the atmosphere of the game itself. I wasn't expecting too much from the prizes so I was delighted to find some treasures among this hoard - and with only a couple of exceptions, all the prizes were quality items, if not necessarily my style. This post is by way of a 'thank you!' to all the people who made the game and contributed goodies ~ but even with no prizes, I would PAY to play this game again, it was so awesome. This event is one I will definitely never miss again.

Halloween Avatars, thanks to Sn@tch et al.
There was a lot to choose from and you know my penchant for creating avatars rather than outfits, so I put together my favourites from my Monty haul and managed to create THREE completely different looks! Please bear with me as there are a few photos in this post, to show things off - remember you can click on an image to see the photos alone in a slideshow, and I will break things up with item credits between the avatars.

~ The Witchling ~

I really love this outfit; I've never felt particularly inspired to dress up as a witch, I tend to favour the monsters on Halloween, but by the time I was done I really wished I'd had this creepy-cute avatar on October 31st. I combined several makeup layers and I love how the full-face tattoo from PMD softens the rather gory deathmask on the skin beneath, making it look much more like a Halloween face paint design. I just had to add the Halloween special jewellery from Stars!, which the designer very kindly let me purchase after the event, because all the seasonal sickness kept me from her store. And this Mad Hattery creation was perfect for the occasion, with a circling witch (she actually rotates around the hat) and incredibly creepy soundfile - the hat plays the refrain 'Come Little Children' from Hocus Pocus.

Obviously with an outfit like this I had to go trick-or-treating. So I added a scripted candy bucket from Schadenfreude (she does a new one each year, the pumpkin was last year's) which lifts up with the cute kiddy voiceover 'trick or treat!' What a cute little witch, most people would think on opening their door to this sight. Except...

... If you don't put candy in my bucket, I'ma stab out your eyes with my knife >:)
Or maybe your guts. Eyes could be too high to reach, as I am not the tallest avatar in SL but the size of this door makes me look like a child! Honestly what is it with house builders and proportion...            

The design on the dress, because the treat bucket hides the head on the main picture. I wore the pants and sweater with the dress because on its own it looked a bit chilly for late October!

The full Sn@tch sweater outfit, without the mummy dress, so you can see what it looks like.

Resting Place Prize Credits:

Hopscotch 'Hell hath no fury' pose with knife (set of 5 poses)
Pin Me Down 'Vilde' face tattoo (white cracked effect + black stripes)
Adore&Abhor Orange Feral Eyeshadow
A Netherworld Moonshadow eyes ~ blood
A Netherworld crystal spider hairclip

Zanzibar creationZ Who's Your Mummy? dress (mesh)
Sn@tch Lady in Red sweater top & skinny jeans

Infamous Intern shoes (crocs!! tintable!! no alpha needed!!)

Other Credits:

Elikatira hair ~ Listen essentials (mesh)
[AR] LivingDeadGirl skin 1 (skull jaw)
The Mad Hattery 2011 Witches Hat

Stars! Spooktacular 2012 necklace & earrings
Lily's Touch Halloween bangles

Schadenfreude 2011 treat bucket
Schadenfreude Pointed Spiderweb Forearm Gloves (tintable)
Awesome Designs Tangerine Manicure Gloves (<3 multiple layers!)

Location: My ex next door neighbours at the Azure Islands residency sim where I lived up to Halloween. *deleted rant about why I moved, because this post is long enough*

~ The Demoness ~

By the pricking of my thumbs...

Something wicked this way comes!

Good job I laid down a pentagram in holy fire.
The bulk of this outfit is one prize, parts for a demon avatar in pulsing fiery orange, and though I have built up my own demons (they are a favoured avatar class of mine) I was really tickled with this one. For a start it has clutching skeletal hands for 'armour' which are something I've wanted as long as I've known my good friend Kage, the most stunning demoness in SL. Hers are white, mine are black, so now we contrast! I managed to capture a quick shot of us standing together. And then there's the fact that orange is my favourite colour. And the parts are just really great builds. The skin, eyes and tattoo just completed the look. -- I have just discovered that this demon would probably fit next week's colour (Tangelo) really well, but one thing I am not short of is oranges so I'll keep her here and make a new outfit.

Demonic besties <3
Resting Place Prize Credits:

Cyrious Bound Demon set ~ Halloween (horns, tail, hooves, hands, skeleton armour, collar)
Adore&Abhor 'Pulse' black skin
Gauze 'Demon ~ Greed' prim eyes with smoldering glow
Gauze Alagos eye tattoo (tintable eye ridges!!! these are AWESOME I can now haz dragon eyebrows on all my avies!)
Gauze 'Intensity ~ Infernos' full body tattoo
Savoir Faire pose ~ ghoulish01 (not the facial expression)
Nevermore cemetery archway

Other Credits:
Elikatira hair ~ Listen essentials (mesh)
XCite! Fangs
Lara's Facial Expression HUD
Snowbound Haunted Forest scene (from the Nature Hunt)
my pentagram (adapted from a Dragon Magick Wares build)

~ The Demon Hunter ~

If there are demons around, clearly we have to bring in a demon hunter! Of course I have one ready made on my alt account, none other than Dean Winchester (and he's the best of the best!) but the Winchesters can't be everywhere at once and they generally have enough on their plate. Besides, Resting Place needed its own hunter, rather than the poor medical assistant who got sent in to die (that's your role in the game, except you don't know about that last bit until it happens).

Is it me or is there too much blood here for a couple of cadavers..?
The place stinks of sweet metal. It's fresh.

Hard to hear if something's coming the way these lights
keep stuttering and buzzing...

And the machine going Bloop! I feel like something's watching though...
I'm keeping my eye on those chiller drawers.
(Shot taken artistically through the formaldehyde tank.)

This bloody morgue skybox complete with furniture was the awesome double prize from Dragon Magick Wares, and an exact replica of one of the scenes in Resting Place - but without the medlab skeleton we joked about at the time. (He seems pleased to see you Fledge! - Don't tell me he has a boner :P ) I think I've made a fairly credible outfit - ok so in real life NOBODY would wear heels for a job like this, but in SL gravity is your friend and a nice sharp stiletto is a handy (or footsy?) tool.  Jewellery is also frowned on in the military but hey, I'm freelance, and honestly? If a zombie is coming after me to rip out my brains, snagging my piercings on something is pretty low down on my list of priorities. It's a shame the earrings don't show so well, the collar hides them a bit, they have cute little drops of blood at the points. I figure they are actually real syringes containing dead man's blood, a good defence against vampires, or so Dean tells me. The scissors are for using against mummies, of course! (Think about it ;) This outfit is pretty much a Sn@tch ensemble, and as fits the main designer of the game, there were a lot of prizes from this store (we got 12).

Resting Place Prize Credits:

Dragon Magick Wares Morgue with furnishings
Sakide Bloody zipped latex skirt
Sn@tch Skeletank
Sn@tch 'SciFi Halloween' Heavy Metal Jeans (came with a top)
Sn@tch After Hours makeup (smokey eyes-T)
Sn@tch Medusa posture collar (came with a skirt)
Sn@tch Nurse Ratchet earrings
Sn@tch Eternal Life & Full on face piercings

Other Credits:
H.I.M. Fashions Demon Hunter helmet, pack & posing gun (from Demonology Hunt '09)
W&Y Hair 30 (modded to fit helmet)
Damned skin ~ SCN07 White

Amacci eyes ~ 'Infinity' Brown ~ Image (recent group gift)
::69:: MilitaryBoots Forest (from before they became an exclusive hair store)

And to finish off the post: Rudh and I had a very weird conversation after I commented on her colour challenge this week and said maybe we got our macabre sides from our virtual (SL) mother. Thinking about all the things we attribute to Mommy Dearest, she sounds a lot like Alice from Resting Place! It could explain a few things -- why Rudh really liked Ellie's bedroom, covered in blood as it was, for one. Then it occurred to me that our mom was, if not actually a prostitute, certainly someone who liked the lads (she was a pooka; they are known for it) and that she and Rudh would fit the Ellie scenario eerily well. That made us wonder who I would match in the game - I have to say I did like the burning city, take out the charred corpses and the screaming and sirens and it would be very cosy and homelike! Maybe I was adopted and, due to my significant differences, never quite fit in, hence my running wild with gangs. Probably the rival gang didn't set the fire that killed my adopted parents - that was me, breathing flames to defend myself when they beat me, and the guilt is what gave me the nightmares. I survived because of my draconic immunity to flames. So how about that, Rudh and I have officially adopted two of the Resting Place inmates as our personae! I think that's got to be a flattering endorsement, don't you?


  1. OOOOOH You're monty haul was a great one LOL plenty for me to pick and choose from this lot, and I'll be using you as a guide of what I want and don't want! I think of the three I love your demon and hunter looks but best of all it has the be the witchling. Every time I have seen you I think of the song "Kidnap the Sandy Claws" *dances around to it now* I wonder is it too early to watch that yet?!

  2. Well! Didn't you have fun?! As I don't share your penchant for horror I can't get totally excited about it all but the witch and the demon hunter are very nice, with all those tiny details. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!