Thursday, 8 November 2012

Colour Challenge 45 - Bittersweet


OK so by now you all know my opinion of pink. And this pink - or group of pinks, because it's not the first to come up - in particular makes me think of blancmange. You know that sort of half jelly, half angel delight substance they used to feed us at school? (When I was at school, many moons ago and in the UK, at any rate. Others of you may have been luckier.) So you can probably tell already where my mind was heading. Though it's amusing that I should choose to represent Bittersweet with one of the sweetest things known.

Actually I'm pretty pleased with the resulting avatar and will definitely use it again - there is nothing funnier than a pudding wandering around SL - though I can't take all the credit, because the original (jelly) avatar was designed a long time ago by a friend. I just messed about with it to get the right kind of texture and colouration and added decorations. My son insists that it has two little bombs.

oOo Bittersweet: Where's Fledge II? oOo

Yeah it's pretty obvious where I am this time. But if you recall, the first 'Where's Fledge?' challenge had me hiding in (as) an inanimate object so I thought this would be a good sequel. 

I knew just where I could find a giant table to pose on, but I had a little trouble getting there until a helpful estate admin helped me find my way. Possibly they don't like to hand out landmarks to just anybody; it's a bit of an exotic location, reserved for activities that most people reading this blog would NOT be interested in. Trust me. I only know about it myself from having been over with friends, not in a roleplay capacity. Honest! A simple pudding doesn't understand such things!

Just to demonstrate that I am a RAINBOW pudding, gradually changing shades, and presumably flavours. This effect took a bit of modding. There's not a lot more we can do with photo shots here. I'm a pudding. On a plate. I will resist writing out the popular children's rhyme.*

Incidentally, this was a very brave photo shoot for me to undertake. Sitting on a macro-fur dining table, as a dessert, with the group tag *Cream Freak* (from picking up the whipped cream topping, which is actually a box) - well what do you think is likely to happen?? I can envisage two scenarios, or possibly, even more horrendous, a combination. None of them are comfortable or PG viewing. On the other hand, it's entirely possible that any living being in the room would overlook me as, ironically, a table full of food is the best possible camouflage for a pudding, and most people don't come here to eat - food. Anyway, it wasn't put to the test as thankfully nobody came in and the fox in the photo is a primatar.

oOo Credits oOo

Location: Macro Room at Ryu Valley
**WARNING** normal sized avatars are likely to be eaten, inserted or at the very least poked. Visit at your own risk. It's fun if nobody is around to take an interest in you! (Or, depending on your definition of fun, if there is...)

Jelly Avatar by Pamagester Darracq
Whipped Cream Cherry cream topping (actually the store box design)
Sparklers by Xenon Linden
Plate by me

Also while shooting this, came across a fun comic about cake turtles which bears some relevance to the situation:

All you slavering macrofurs beware, my puddin' is rich!

*Okay I couldn't resist.

Jelly on a plate,
Jelly on a plate,
Wibble wobble
Wibble wobble
Jelly on a plate!


  1. Our school blancmanges were never as pretty as that! I'm so glad nobody decided to scoop your cream and ingest it!

  2. I never did have school dinners, I think I had a narrow escape if they were feeding puddings of this colour... Thank you mummy for making me sandwiches every day that's all I can say! This pudding though seems a LOT prettier, and I have to say that anyone who surprises me with a pudding with a sparkler gets top marks in my book... Just watch out for those HUGE Furries... I hear they like pudding!

  3. Fledge as a pudding, that made me grin LOL. I wasn't surprised though... I stopped doing that a couple of posts ago ;)