Sunday, 11 November 2012

Colour Challenge 46 - Juniper


This week's post was inspired - I could even say caused - by the utterly brilliant Resting Place: the seasonal horror game/event presented by Pulse-Sn@tch City-Nomine-Vapor and New Kadath. You still have until 18th November to go check it out, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, providing you are a fan of the horror genre - and I'm talking the psychologically disturbing, graphically blood curdling variety along the lines of Silent Hill (and this is the least graphic image I could find to illustrate my point, so my apologies if I've given anyone palpitations). Maybe don't click that unless you think you can probably handle it...

If however you are not a fan of the genre, worry not. My photoshoot was set in the game but not in any of the nightmare scenarios, which would have spoiled the anticipation for players. So it shouldn't be too frightening. I have Rudh to thank for alerting me to the fact that the free hospital scrubs given out to players were an exact colour match, as I'd been fretting over what I could use this week, but this post came together seamlessly - and I had a brilliant time, and spent an entire day, exploring the event with her. (I made this outfit afterwards.) 

I should add, the participating stores have hidden away lots of fantastic goodies as an extra incentive to visit, not that any was needed, and we made a pretty impressive haul though we didn't find everything - I'll hopefully get a chance to showcase my favourite items in my next post. I should also add that a decent computer/connection, mesh capability and sound  are a requisite for enjoying the game, so sorry to anyone on a dodgy old machine but Resting Place is probably not for you :( I'll add some more info and a landmark at the end of the post for those who might be interested.

ThEy'Re CoMiNg To TaKe Me AwAy HaHa! 8)

Here I am being offloaded from an ambulance before the celebrated Koszmar Institute for Sleep Research, where my guardians hope I may be cured of a debilitating affliction: night horrors so frequent and intense they have quite eroded my health and sanity.

I am wheeled onto the general ward by my faithful nurse, Katlien, the only person who has been able to stand my madness long enough for me to form an attachment. There cannot be many patients solicited by a green alien space cat so I am very proud of my helper, but I hope she doesn't frighten the other patients with her unusual appearance!

The ward is very strange and unwelcoming, and I don't have all my beloved knick-knacks around me. I find it even harder to fall asleep here, and when I do, the dreams are even more vivid and horrifying than before. Dr Krol is very nice but his therapy does not seem to be working, and before long, I am committed to a padded cell because they are afraid I will hurt myself with my thrashing.

The cell is even stranger than the hospital ward, and I have never felt so alone in my life. I wish Katlien were here. Or anybody to keep me company. What is that laughter..? Is there somebody in here with me..?

I can hear someone laughing but I can't see, because one night when the dreams were too terrifying, I scratched my eyes; that was just before they put me in here. I would scratch whoever is laughing at me but my hands are stuck somehow. Please, won't somebody come? Someone come to help me? I can't sleep, I'm too afraid, and I'm sure it's been more than a day since anybody came to feed me or see that I'm all right...

She came! My lovely Katlien! She has taken me to a wonderful, happy place where there are butterflies and rainbows and the sun is shining all day long, and we are having a picnic and listening to my favourite songs on the radio. *Hums* I'm just sitting watching flowers in the rain! I don't ever want to leave here, I don't ever want to wake up...




Location: Resting Place ~ the Koszmar Institute for Sleep Research

Resting Place scrubs by Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch (given out in starter pack)

Bea's straitjacket by Unknown Redgrave (for convincing poses)

Wheelchair by Cubey Terra (available free at entrance)

Analog Dog ~ flexi wet-look metallic hair with bangs (from 2006! This was cutting edge when it was made, now only fit for an asylum inmate LOL how quickly builds and fashion change in SL - no offence to the creator!)

MaXeyes ~ cracked and stitched, with prim blood tears

Pixels skin ~ My Black Tears

Flexiprim droolie by Flinch Baxter

Lara's facial expression HUD by Aliasi Stonebender (have you ever seen anyone more in need of a cuddle?)

You can find out more about the game on their Facebook page or just visit the starting point landmarked above and pick up your instruction pack, HUD and togs. It is a fantastic adventure. But be warned. You may like it so much you never leave, muahaHAHAHAHAAA!

Note: The song I'm humming in that last picture, 'Flowers in the Rain' by the Move, from 1967, is one of my all time favourites. I first heard it on the film 'Children of the Corn' and it made a lasting impression - far more lasting than the film, oddly enough. Though perhaps being allowed to watch horror films at whatever tender age I must have been (made in 1984 so I was at least 12) explains something of my macabre mindset. Who knows?


  1. EEEEH I love your story and it seems really fitting that you were taken in by Kat, though you are probably right best to keep her in her human look while she is there with you. The photo of you in you padded cell is SO SAD and kinda cute in a sad puppy dog way. Still, madness runs in the family - maybe it was something to do with our mother? - I'm going to go to bed now but I'll come see you at the hospital for a picnic tomorrow *crawls into her rainbow bed and looks at the blood*

  2. Madness is quite scary enough without clicking on any links to worse nightmares!! Clever use of the colour and a sad but interesting, story. I couldn't see any signs of green alien cats so presumably Katlien kept a human form to avoid frightening other patients.

    The song Flowers in the Rain was one of the first played on the first ever programme on Radio One, which was awaited eagerly by those of us who had loved the pirate radio stations. I heard the song as I got ready for work on the day of Radio One's inauguration, and loved it.

  3. oooh Fledge super story and pictures i enjoyed it ( can we enjoy others psychical insanity? that isn't very ethical i think) ;)

  4. I wasn't expecting to see butterflies and rainbows at the end of that story. In a weird way, it's almost a happy end :)