Saturday, 24 November 2012

Colour Challenge 47 - Barley Corn

Breaking the recent mould this week, I'm going back to a more conventionally pretty avatar with a colour which is basically in the gold range - my standard! I don't know why but I fancied wearing my fox for this one, which made me think of kitsune - the Japanese for 'fox'. I knew that the Japanese consider foxes to be very magical, spiritual animals but I did a bit of research and discovered that they are sacred to Inari, the kami of fertility, rice, agriculture, industry and worldly success. Foxes, agriculture, barley corn?! Fantastic coincidence! Not to mention that for some reason, kitsune are meant to be very fond of tofu. As a vegetarian I can relate to that, although we generally eat Quorn which is an indigenous English mushroom substitute for meat. 

Now Inari's messengers are pure white, which my fox isn't, but I decided I could go on a family visit to meet my sacred cousins - and I recalled a beautiful Japanese sim where I once bought a kimono and drank tea with friends. When I went back, the colours as well as the architecture were perfectly suited to my avatar, yet another happy coincidence, though by this time I have to say that so many coincidences were starting to seem, well - too coincidental to be a mere coincidence! I would add here that I got my fox in memory of my previous pet, Infalle, who left SL some time ago but has always remained a friend. So this post is in honour of her, and happy times! May Inari bring her success with her many creative talents.

{|} {|} {|}  Barley Corn  {|} {|} {|}

(I do apologise for the number of pictures in this post. I wanted to showcase as much of this beautiful location as possible, and I was really enjoying the way the avatar posed with her fan and long skirts - it was too hard to whittle down any further, though I'll have to make that decision for the Flickr group -- they only accept three!)

On pilgrimage to the shrine of Inari at "GiornoBrando"
Crossing the canal bridge
Feeding the pigeons by the statue of Jizo
(As a mother, I feel very warmly towards Jizo, who is the protector of young children.)

Passing under the Myoujin Torii (sacred gate)

Cleansing myself at the Chouzuya

Paying my respects (omairi) at the shrine
(The owner of this shrine has a roguish sense of humour. When I pulled the rope, a big ball fell on my head! I made a donation and another one fell on me! It had a present in it.)

Definitely a rogue. The kami of this shrine is not Inari - it is a PENGUIN!
I am tittering behind my fan.
Communing with my cousins on the root of the Shinboku, the sacred tree.
(Kitsune are profound tricksters and I feel sure they have something to do with that penguin...)

Peek-a-boo! On my way back, playing around a lantern
Just a pretty pose to show off my dress...

Enjoying tofu noodles for lunch

{|} {|} {|}  Credits  {|} {|} {|}

Windlight: Bristol

DSD (Dark Spot Designs) avatar ~ Fennec (natural)
PurpleMoon Lara Gown in Gold
Mau's & Mej's Brethil hair & ornament (from Hair Fair 2007)
Essentia Lantern Hair Sticks
Shenlei Flasheart Art Nouveau Rose Fan (animated)
MC Designs Golden Eye Necklace (ltd edition)
L&E solar & lunar armbands
Abaddon Arts AX-001 Basically Girl AO


  1. Such a gorgeous set of photos, back to the pretty is definitely a good place for you to be. Though I think the fox going on a visit to family was a great idea hehe, especially as it was Thanksgiving on Thursday! You're so pretty in this look!

  2. I love the focus on Japanese beliefs, and the dress is stunning. The location is lovely but some of the photos are too dark/small on Blogger to show up the details (even in slideshow mode). Number 3, with the protector of children, was probably the best, for colour, so I hope they 'choose' that one for Flickr. That's a really nice colour for you, and I'm glad all the coincidences got obediently in line for the photoshoot! You'll have to show me the pics on the PC screen some time.

  3. When you do pretty, you do it very well indeed! You look beautiful as a fox :)